Lomo Saltado — One of Lima’s most famous dishes…

One of the biggest surprises for me in Lima is the focus on food here. They take their food very seriously. Normally, the trashier the food, the better–in my opinion at least. But in Lima, there’s so much different food and fine dining available, I feel the duty to indulge…if only to know the real Lima better…as diverse and scrumptious as it is.

Today for lunch, I went for the Lomo Saltado. Lomo is the tenderloin…the filet basically. Saltado in this case means stir fried. Sauteed. So filet mignon stir fried. China meets Peru. Onions, peppers, all kinds of shit.

Here’s a quick pic so you know what I’m talking about…

I must say, it was pretty good. It was nice to have such good quality meat in some good stirfry. Those potato/fries pretty much sucked. But the rice was good and the Lomo Saltado was great!

So, if you’re ever in Lima and you want to try one of their most famous dishes…go for the Lomo Saltado.

I’m pretty excited actually. Ismael, one of the guys that works at the hostel here in Lima told me he’ll be making me a homemade Lomo Saltado when I return from my trip. My flight leaves from Lima on the 1st of June, so I’ll definitely be back.

I’m thinking about heading out tomorrow. I’m torn. I want to stay in Lima and get to know it better. There’s so much to see and learn (and taste!) here. But I also want to have time in each place I go.

I just decided. I’m heading out tomorrow. I go to Huacachina. It’s about 4-5 hours from here. There are nice buses and there are shitty buses. The shitty buses are cheap and shitty. The nice buses are more expensive. I’ll be taking the shitty bus. Not for the money (though that’s a cool perk) but because it always leads to a better experience.

Let’s see if I really leave tomorrow. Leaving good places is hard. And I always change my plans.

We shall see.

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