Pisa, Italy in Pictures…

Talk about a layover. I wanted to get from Amsterdam to Paris. I decided to take the scenic route through Italy…

Picture courtesy of Italian Border Patrol after ransacking me and my stuff. Jordy shaky.

On my way to see the Tower. Main Blvd in Pisa

Not really into the touristy stuff. But it’s always pretty cool to walk up to something for the first time that you’ve seen your whole life in pictures and on TV.

My first gelato. That’s strawberry on the right and banana on the left. LIKE.

Instead of just passing out after the gelato, I got one of these. POWERFUL.

The view out the window of my hostel:

And the tower at night. I like it better this way. Less people. Less heat. Two things I’m not a huge fan of =)

Just a bunch of people chillin in streets on a Tuesday night. Reminds me of only one place: EspaƱa.

Typical plaza — these are all over the place — everywhere you look.


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