Funny Story: I’m glad this bus has security…

So I was in line to get on the bus in Nazca to go to Arequipa–when suddenly I see a Policia Nacional using a metal detecting baton on everybody’s bag. I had a knife in my bag. And I didn’t want to have to check my bag.

I saw that the cop was only using the baton on the bags, not on the actual people. So I swiftly removed myself from the line, went into the Oltursa office and moved my knife from my bag to my front pocket.

I approached the cop. He scanned my bag. It went off a couple times. He didn’t even seem to think about opening my bag and checking what made his magic wand go off several times. What security, eh?

Obviously I made it on with my knife. And I guess I didn’t even have to worry about it in the first place.

It’s nice to know that the US isn’t the only place that has a “security for the sake of security” policy–you know, when the government does something just to make you FEEL safer. When in reality, they have done nothing.

I’m Jordan. Jordan out.

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