Melaka, Malaysia–my home for the next few days…

We left Kuala Lumpur today. Cool city, but not really my thing. Too many people. Too much concrete. I was looking through the Lonely Planet the other day and Melaka caught my eye. Just two hours to the south on the main highway. It’s a city still (on a river with a BREEZE) but more manageable. No high rises. And it’s a UNESCO protected town–that’s usually a good sign.

Let’s start with the backyard, shall we?

That was too the left. Here’s to the right:

And there’s building art all along the river. Anais is looking forward to grabbing some photos of these tomorrow when it’s light:

There’s a ferris wheel too!

We were lucky to arrive on a Sunday night… so the street fair in China town was still going on. A huge karaoke stage (with REALLY REALLY bad karaoke taking place) greeted us:

Then it was food time. Started off with some dim sum…

This is the last prawn (shrimp). I was so excited to dig in that I forgot to take a picture first!

These were some eggy things. They were sweet. Kinda like a cake with gooey stuff inside.


I’m pretty sure this is just a shot of me shoving a spring roll in my mouth, but it gives you a good idea of what the street was like:

On our way out there were a bunch of these “taxis” waiting to take people home:

And a big dragon (that spit water into the fountain) watching over us:

Till next time.

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