Arequipay Backpackers Hostel – Arequipa, Peru

Just had an awesome conversation with Evelyn, the owner of Arequipay Backpackers Hostel. It’s a little bit out of the center. When I say a little bit, we’re talking no more than 10 minutes in a taxi at a cost of 4-5 soles. That’s about US$1.50.

I’m not going to go into the details of all this hostel has to offer right now. I’ll be doing a full profile in a future blog entry. For now I just wanna say quickly how cool this place is.

The people that work here are very friendly. This place is huge. Not that it fits that many travelers, I’m just talking about the physical space. Huge living area, HUGE kitchen (one of the biggest I’ve seen). It’s a very social place as well. Since the kitchen is so big, everybody tends to cook and congregate. Kitchens are the best place to meet each other.

They also have the biggest TV I’ve seen at a hostel this whole trip–or ever actually. This sucker is ginormous! That means really fucking big.

That’s it. Big thanks to the people at Arequipay Backpacker’s Hostel. Evylen was working today. Then another Evelyn (the owner) came for the evening. Both were very nice. Just had a nice chat with Evlyn #2 (the owner) about her story and how she came to be.

This is a brand-new location, but she ran a successful hostel in the center for 4 years. Just decided to invest in this big beautiful house instead.

Peace from Arequipa.

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